Accelerating Geospatial Machine Learning.



SIGMATERRA is developing novel data science technologies to solve real-world problems under uncertainty and is providing high-end solutions for geospatial machine learning and optimisiation problems.

We are an enthusiastic team of machine learning researchers and scientists located in the vivid center of Sydney, Australia. Get in touch with us if you like to know more about us or are intererest to join our team.

  • Geospatial Machine Learning
  • Customised Algorithm Optimization
  • Contextual Aerial Image Segmentation
  • Sensor Data Fusion and Optimisation
  • Hybrid Physics-AI Modeling
  • Spatial-Temporal Models under Uncertainty

Technology Examples

We develop precision applications for industries and research in aerial remote sensing, precision agriculture, mining, risk insurance, and urban planning.

Rapid Site Analysis

Site Analysis provides detailed real-world insight and contextual data with with up-to-date, high resolution aerial photography and micro-climate analysis.

Choose your site location and size – readily available for most urban areas in Australia!

  • Up-to-Date & High-Resolution
  • Instant & No Subscription
  • Georeferenced
  • Customisable location and size
  • Property Boundaries

Accelerating Geospatial Machine Learning

Geokernels is and open-source software package for developers and provides fast geospatial distance computation and geodesic distance kernels to accelerate geospatial machine learning.

  • Fast distance calculations (geodesic and great-circle)
  • Distance matrix computation
  • Geodesic kernel package
  • Integration into scikit-learn

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Sydney, Australia